RT2012 Social Program

Monday Evening, June 11:
Welcome Reception

Please join us Monday evening for a Welcome Reception at the hotel.

Wednesday Afternoon, June 13:
Wine Country Excursion...

“Wine rejoices the heart of man, and joyousness is the mother of all virtues.” —Goethe
There is something about wineries and the country of vineyards that rejoices the heart of man as well. An hour's drive through some of northern California's loveliest countryside will let you network with your colleagues. Then we will be in the Carneros district where the famed Napa and Sonoma Valleys come together.

Tickets are $30 for registered attendees, $70 for a companion, and may be purchased through the conference registration website. The fee include a box lunch en route.

Coaches will depart the hotel during the noon hour (exact time and other details to be announced here). The trip takes about an hour each way, and we will have an hour and a half at each winery, so traffic permitting, we expect to be back around 6 p.m.

We will discover the distinctive wines of two destinations. Nicholson Ranch, a family-owned winery described in Sonoma County: The Secret Wine Country as "one of the best new finds on the Sonoma side of the Carneros region." It is best known for chardonnays and pinots, but also crafts merlots and syrahs.

The Wine Lover's Guide to the Wine Country praises Domaine Carneros's "exquisitely groomed vineyards" and "elegant, gracious refinement" almost as highly as its products: sparkling wines, including some considered to be among California's finest, and a well-regarded pinot noir.

The tour is limited to 100 people total: first come, first served. We will organize into two groups; one will go first to Domaine Carneros, the other first to Nicholson Ranch.

Photo courtesy Domaine Carneros.
Tour Weather: Wednesday afternoon will be warm (though not as hot as previously forecast) in the Napa and Sonoma region, with a daytime high of 88° F. (31° C.)

...Or, Enjoy a Free Afternoon

Wednesday's technical program ends after the morning session, so if you don't opt for the tour of wine country, feel free to explore on your own. A trip to San Francisco is a very popular option within the scope of an afternoon and evening, and easily accessible from Berkeley by public transit.

Thursday Evening, June 14

RT2012 Conference Banquet at the Berkeley Art Museum
Photo from Eight Handstands, in the State of Mind: California Art since 1970 exhibit at BAMPFA

Look at the world from a new perspective through art.

From Robert Kinmont: 8 Natural Handstands (detail), 1969/2009; nine black-and-white photographs; 8 1/2 x 8 1/2 in. each; courtesy of Alexander and Bonin, New York. Photo: Bill Orcutt. On display through June 17 in State of Mind: New California Art circa 1970, one of the exhibits you can explore.
The evening of Thursday, June 14, we will take a break from our technical work and enjoy a conference banquet at the Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. Since its beginning in 1970, what had been a modest university collection has grown into one of the leading university art museums in the US.

We will enjoy access to the collections both before and after dinner. Four exhibitions will be featured in the timeframe of RT2012.
  • State of Mind: New California Art circa 1970 is the first in-depth survey of the creative upheaval that was the context of the Museum's origin.
  • A private collection on loan to the Museum is the basis for Himalayan Pilgrimage: Journey to the Land of the Snows.
  • The 42nd annual Graduate Exhibition of the UC, Berkeley Master of Fine Arts program will showcase the works of seven exceptional artists who are just beginning their careers.
  • A temporary project called The Reading Room will, among other experiences, let you browse volumes of poetry and experimental fiction and even take a volume, on the condition that you share in this community by leaving one of your own favorites.
The banquet at the Museum is free to registered RT2012 attendees; companion tickets ($90) are available through the registration page.

The museum is several blocks from the hotel, on the south side of Bancroft Avenue, which runs along the southern edge of the UC, Berkeley campus. Shuttle-bus service will be provided.

The 10-day forecast calls for clear weather, light breezes, and temperatures in the low 50° range F. (12° C.) Thursday night in Berkeley.

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