Awards and Grants

The four RT2012 Outstanding Student Paper Awards will honor the best student submissions accepted for an oral or a poster presentation.

To be eligible, you the student/author must do these things:

  1. Upload the Conference Record paper at least ONE WEEK before the conference starts.
  2. Stop by the editor booth at the first day of the conference and present evidence of your status as a graduate (master's or doctoral) student.
  3. Present the work in an oral or poster session at the conference. Only work that is actually presented by the student-author will be eligible.
The award is based on the scientific content and the quality of the text (quality of English, clarity of the text, quality of figures, etc). Oral and poster presentations have equal chances of winning—the award is for the paper, not the presentation.

The first two awards are $500 US and an IEEE certificate. The third- and fourth-place awards are IEEE certificates.

Tips for Award-Worthy Papers

Your Conference Record paper should specifically include these items: The IEEE file Trans-jour.doc is particularly useful as a guide to presenting graphics and tables. If you are not accustomed to writing in the IEEE format, reading this document carefully before you begin will make your work simpler and easier.

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